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  • Guerinda La Abejera (The Apiary)

    It’s easy, in a way, to make a great wine with grapes from Old Vines. An Old Vine has the wisdom of the years stored in its roots and is well adapted to the soil and climate; the “terroir” is transported in its sap. Grapes from Old vines smell of nature and taste of landscape. In every vintage, when we start making this wine, the grapes fully seduce us due to their balance and elegance.

    And not only this but Old Vines are the living history of our region, Navarra. They remind us that not long ago, the Grenache grape reigned in this Kingdom, and it wasn’t by chance. We feel compelled to protect these old treasures and work so that the Grenache keeps being part of our identity.

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  • Guerinda Navasentero

    We like to brag that we are vinegrowers and cultivate all of our own grapes. That isn’t strictly true. This Graciano wine comes from Navasentero, a vineyard that doesn’t belong to us. Not feeling ashamed. On the contrary, we’re very happy that our friend Julian Palacios is the winegrower. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a restless agricultural engineer who spends his days going from vineyard to vineyard collaborating with winegrowers all around the world that trust him to have the best possible grapes. Despite his very busy schedule, he sets aside some time to care for the Graciano grapes in Navasentero’s plot.

    From there onwards we try to interfere as little as possible in the natural process of the grape transformation into this authentic Graciano.

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  • Guerinda El Anselmo

    Anselmo was our grandfather. He was born a farmer and all his life he worked the land. His face was wrinkly from the sun and wind, he spent endless hours taking care of the vineyards. Anselmo learnt to cultivate the land from his father. And his father learnt from his grandfather. This was the way secrets were passed from generation on to generation. Anselmo had two daughters, Blanca and Sagrario, neither of them were interested in the land.

    How many times we think of him. Anselmo would be so happy to see his rejuvenated “Vallervitos”. The special place in the Guerinda Mountains where his parents lived and he spent long hours taking care of his vines. He would be so proud, his daughter Blanca says, if he would have seen how his son in law rebuilt the farmhouse where his family lived and how his two granddaughters love to work the land.

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  • Guerinda El Máximo

    This wine is a tribute to our father, Maximo Abete who passed away in November 2011. We wanted to maintain the essence of the first wine that he started making, his beloved “Guerinda Crianza”.

    That’s why the recipe contains the grapes from his favourite place: Vallervitos; an incredible nature site right in the middle of the Guerinda Mountains he was adamant about rehabilitating – even while everyone told him he was crazy. It’s a place where vines grow surrounded by aromatic herbs, pine trees, deers and wild boar.

    And, maybe even more importantly to add, we learnt all this from him. All of our love of these plots, these vines and mountains, and the process of making wine. It’s important to us this wine is made in an artisanal way with much care. The love that goes into it shows in the taste.

    These are the two necessary ingredients to make this wine distinct. Like Maximo’s moustache.

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  • Guerinda La Cruzica

    It isn’t easy to cultivate Tempranillo grapes in the dry slopes of this area. Despite the non-extreme temperatures during summer, low rainfall makes the vines a little stressed by the end of the ripening period causing them to loose leaves and accelerating acid degradation.

    We very much love these loose grape bunches with thick and flavourful skins. And we also love the ravishing colour of the must just as the bunches are being pressed. What we like the most about our Tempranillo, though, is that although we have tried making it to achieve a specific style, its personality always comes out above our desires.

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  • Guerinda La Blanca

    La Blanca is a homage to the one and only – our mother. It couldn’t be any other way.

    Blanca was the daughter of Anselmo, a wrinkly-faced beret-wearing, traditional farmer who worked from sunrise to sunset and loved the land. He was downcast when he realised that neither of his two daughters, Blanca and Sagrario, were interested in the vines. In fact, Blanca preferred to work the cooperative’s scale rather than harvest grapes. Or, she’d happily load wine demijohns into her van to fill the wine shop, which she opened every day of the week. Anything but gathering pruned vine-shoots or harvesting.

    Blanca may not have taught us about vines and vineyards, but of life lessons she’s given us plenty … and still is!

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  • Guerinda Tres Partes (Three Parts)

    We say again and again that the grapes make the wine. Obvious, right? But the wine also needs people to love it and tend it and nurture it to maturity. In this case three people, Yoanna, Juanma and Maria. We all play our role in creating this wine. That’s why we called it  Tres Partes, a Grenache the way the three of us want it.

    We feel strongly about supporting our grape variety, the Grenache, which has always come from here and bringing its tributes to as many people as we can. For us it’s an expression of home, and a way to share a little piece of our corner of the world with everyone in a unique way. We enjoy the entire process and every harvest and every sip. It is a style of wine that the three of us want to drink, without wood, little extraction, fresh, and full of fruit. You drink the whole bottle without noticing!

    G from Grenache, G from Guerinda … G full stop!

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  • Guerinda Casalasierra

    We want to break with stereotypes and preconceived ideas about rosé wines. How many times have you heard … “I’m not a rosé fan” And then it’s Love at first taste!

    Sure, we’re playing it safe here because we know it’s irresistible. But it helps that rosé wine runs through our veins. We’re from San Martin de Unx in Navarra where our hometown claim to fame is that the best rosés are made here, not only in Navarra, but the world!

    We love making our rosé  deep in colour, as much as we love drinking and enjoying it!

    But what we like most is sharing it with all our friends.

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  • La Viura (The Viura)

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  • La Rosa (The Rose)

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  • Tafalla & Pueyo

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  • Muriomozo & La Abejera

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