Guerinda La Abejera (The Apiary)

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It’s easy, in a way, to make a great wine with grapes from Old Vines. An Old Vine has the wisdom of the years stored in its roots and is well adapted to the soil and climate; the “terroir” is transported in its sap. Grapes from Old vines smell of nature and taste of landscape. In every vintage, when we start making this wine, the grapes fully seduce us due to their balance and elegance.

And not only this but Old Vines are the living history of our region, Navarra. They remind us that not long ago, the Grenache grape reigned in this Kingdom, and it wasn’t by chance. We feel compelled to protect these old treasures and work so that the Grenache keeps being part of our identity.

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Guerinda La Abejera 2016

Product Description

Wine made with Grenache grapes from very old plots. Delicacy and strength combined in a wine that impeccably represents Grenache cultivated in one of the Northernmost latitudes at the Iberian Peninsula and from a rugged environment.

In Detail

This wine gets its name La Abejera (the Apiary) from one of the plots where the grapes used to make this wine come from. The plot was nearly abandoned but in the past few years, after much effort, is gradually returning to its previous estate.


Vintage 2016: 90 Peñin points

Estilo Red wine aged in oak, vintage 2016 Vista Ruby red
Variedad Grenache Nariz Cherries, spices and resinous.
Viticultura Wine from very old Grenache vines Boca Round, intense and fresh.
Enología Fermentation in stainless Steel. Aging: 14 months in French oak, 300 L barrel Maridaje All types of meat, stews, barbecues and tomato sauce.