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La Blanca is a homage to the one and only – our mother. It couldn’t be any other way.

Blanca was the daughter of Anselmo, a wrinkly-faced beret-wearing, traditional farmer who worked from sunrise to sunset and loved the land. He was downcast when he realised that neither of his two daughters, Blanca and Sagrario, were interested in the vines. In fact, Blanca preferred to work the cooperative’s scale rather than harvest grapes. Or, she’d happily load wine demijohns into her van to fill the wine shop, which she opened every day of the week. Anything but gathering pruned vine-shoots or harvesting.

Blanca may not have taught us about vines and vineyards, but of life lessons she’s given us plenty … and still is!

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Guerinda La Blanca 2020

Product Description

A very elegant white wine. We were looking to increase the fresh profile that brings our latitude, North South orientation, and limestone soil. And we achieved it! The result is a combination of fruity and fresh aromas with a voluptuous texture that makes it irresistible.

In Detail

In the making of this wine we only use the free-run, unpressed must. We obtain the free-run juice by gravity, without adding any pressure and keep it separate from the must  we achieve after pressing.


Vintage 2019:  89 Peñin points

Estilo Dry white wine, vintage 2020 Vista Bright yellow
Variedad Chardonnay Nariz Citrus and tropical fruits and fennel.
Viticultura Organic. Single plot wine from “El Pino” and “Alvaros” at the foot of the Guerinda Mountains Boca Aromatic. Balance between volume and freshness.
Enología Only unpressed, free-run must. Fermented in concrete tank. Maridaje Creamy cheeses, all types of fish and seafood.