Guerinda Tres Partes (Three Parts)

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We say again and again that the grapes make the wine. Obvious, right? But the wine also needs people to love it and tend it and nurture it to maturity. In this case three people, Yoanna, Juanma and Maria. We all play our role in creating this wine. That’s why we called it  Tres Partes, a Grenache the way the three of us want it.

We feel strongly about supporting our grape variety, the Grenache, which has always come from here and bringing its tributes to as many people as we can. For us it’s an expression of home, and a way to share a little piece of our corner of the world with everyone in a unique way. We enjoy the entire process and every harvest and every sip. It is a style of wine that the three of us want to drink, without wood, little extraction, fresh, and full of fruit. You drink the whole bottle without noticing!

G from Grenache, G from Guerinda … G full stop!

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Guerinda Tres partes 2017

Product Description

“Village” red wine that reflects the uniqueness of the Grenache in San Martin de Unx. It has a fruit forward profile and herbal notes. The vineyards are covered and surrounded by aromatic herbs. Raw Grenache, without makeup.

In Detail

This wine, the same as all the red wines we make, ferments with wild yeasts from the grapes and vineyards. We like it this way because it expresses its own identity, while respecting the land and grapes it comes from.


“Guerinda Tres Partes es un vino que no te cansas de beber. De los que sin darte cuenta, ¡te has bebido la botella!” Juanma Priego.

Estilo Red wine, no barrel aging, vintage 2019 Vista Bright purple red
Variedad Red Grenache Nariz Black fruits, spices and aromatic herbs
Viticultura “Village” wine, from three plots in San Martin de Unx Boca Light, fruity and fresh
Enología Fermented in concrete tank. No added oenological products, only some SO2. Maridaje Meat barbecues (chorizo, txistorra), vegetables, spicy food, grilled meats.