Guerinda El Anselmo

Anselmo was our grandfather. He was born a farmer and all his life he worked the land. His face was wrinkly from the sun and wind, he spent endless hours taking care of the vineyards. Anselmo learnt to cultivate the land from his father. And his father learnt from his grandfather. This was the way secrets were passed from generation on to generation. Anselmo had two daughters, Blanca and Sagrario, neither of them were interested in the land.

How many times we think of him. Anselmo would be so happy to see his rejuvenated “Vallervitos”. The special place in the Guerinda Mountains where his parents lived and he spent long hours taking care of his vines. He would be so proud, his daughter Blanca says, if he would have seen how his son in law rebuilt the farmhouse where his family lived and how his two granddaughters love to work the land.