Guerinda El Máximo

This wine is a tribute to our father, Maximo Abete who passed away in November 2011. We wanted to maintain the essence of the first wine that he started making, his beloved “Guerinda Crianza”.

That’s why the recipe contains the grapes from his favourite place: Vallervitos; an incredible nature site right in the middle of the Guerinda Mountains he was adamant about rehabilitating – even while everyone told him he was crazy. It’s a place where vines grow surrounded by aromatic herbs, pine trees, deers and wild boar.

And, maybe even more importantly to add, we learnt all this from him. All of our love of these plots, these vines and mountains, and the process of making wine. It’s important to us this wine is made in an artisanal way with much care. The love that goes into it shows in the taste.

These are the two necessary ingredients to make this wine distinct. Like Maximo’s moustache.