Guerinda Tres Partes (Three Parts)

We say again and again that the grapes make the wine. Obvious, right? But the wine also needs people to love it and tend it and nurture it to maturity. In this case three people, Yoanna, Juanma and Maria. We all play our role in creating this wine. That’s why we called it  Tres Partes, a Grenache the way the three of us want it.

We feel strongly about supporting our grape variety, the Grenache, which has always come from here and bringing its tributes to as many people as we can. For us it’s an expression of home, and a way to share a little piece of our corner of the world with everyone in a unique way. We enjoy the entire process and every harvest and every sip. It is a style of wine that the three of us want to drink, without wood, little extraction, fresh, and full of fruit. You drink the whole bottle without noticing!

G from Grenache, G from Guerinda … G full stop!